• RazoRock Ceramic Shaving Scuttle - Black

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  • RazoRock Ceramic Shaving Scuttle - Black

    One of the best parts of a traditional wet shave is the warm lather. Now you can easily create your own warm lather at home with the RazoRock shaving scuttle! Simply fill the chamber with hot tap water and insert the silicon plug so the heat stays contained, then create a lather in the scuttle using your favorite shaving brush and your choice of shaving cream or soap. Whisk the cream/soap in the bowl using the shaving brush until your cream/soap turns into a luxurious hot and thick lather, then apply to your beard and shave.

    Some key points that make the RazoRock scuttle great:

    1. Uniquely designed with horizontal and vertical lines to create tension for your lather
    2. Deep bowl to hold a good amount of lather in without your brush handle positioned perfectly above the rim
    3. High volume capacity inner chamber that can hold up to 10oz of hot water to keep your lather warm
    4. Large handle for comfort and ease of use


    RazoRock is always trying to bring you high-quality products at a low price, we knew we would be able to do the same with a shaving scuttle...now available and we hope you enjoy it.  RazoRock's Ceramic shaving scuttle is perfect for achieving a 3 pass warm lather shave.  A luxury shave with RazoRock products can be achieved without having to break the bank!

    Features Include:

      1. RazoRock Logo Laser etched on the bottom
      2. Approximately 10 oz water chamber
      3. Inner Dimensions - Approximately 11 cm (4.3 inches) wide, 5.5 cm (2.2 inches) deep with a ridged surface for quick lather building
      4. Outer Dimensions - Approximately 19 cm (7.5 inches) wide including handle and spout, 8 cm (3.2 inches) tall 
      5. Silicone stopper and funnel included
      6. Larger Handle for an easy grip
      7. Smooth Ceramic glaze is food, microwave and dishwasher safe
      8. Handmade in China


      Note:  Please fill this scuttle with warm water (up to a maximum of 120°F / 48°C ) - Filling with very hot water is NOT recommended as it can cause damage to the scuttle and yourself.  Do NOT use boiling water in a scuttle. Please be careful!