• RazoRock Chrome Razor and Brush Stand - #2

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    1. High quality chrome stand, mirror finish chroming
    2. The stand will accommodate most modern and vintage safety razors, even longer handled DE safety razors (like the OSS handle in the second photo)
    3. The stand will accommodate most size shaving brushes, up to 26mm (for larger brushes check out our #5 stand)
    4. Great design, holds the brush with the bristles/hair facing down, allowing your shaving brush to dry thoroughly!
    5. Weighted base for stability with non-scratch foam bottom insert.
    6. Knurled section on the post for easy handling with slippery fingers.
    7. Height is roughly 6"

    *Please Note: Shaving Brush and DE safety razor in the second photograph are for demonstration and display purpose. The stand does NOT include a brush and razor (sold separately)