Shipping and Delivery - Frequently Asked Questions:

1) I qualified for FREE shipping (Canada and USA only) because I spent over $60, what shipping option do I get?

You get standard ground shipping. You are able to pay a small premium and upgrade your shipping at checkout as well.

*NOTE:  In order to qualify for FREE SHIPPING, the order must be over $60 USD (or equivalent in the currency of payment), before any applicable sales taxes.

2) Are delivery times guaranteed?

No, unfortunately not.  We use UPS/Canada Post in Canada and USPS in the USA; for PO boxes in Canada we have to use Canada Post.  Postal services and UPS can be slow at certain times of the year. There are no delivery time guarantees.  For packages to the USA, if by chance, the parcel doesn't show up in 30 days, we can initiate a trace through USPS.

For International orders outside of Canada and USA, shipping times are typically 15 - 20 business days (roughly 3-4 weeks).  Keep in mind this does NOT account for any shipping delays caused by customs clearance.  It's typical for customs departments to hold parcels for inspection up to 1 - 2 weeks to verify value.  If the parcel does not arrive in 45 business days, we can initiate a trace.  A business day does not include weekends or holidays. IF YOU ARE ORDERING FROM AN INTERNATIONAL LOCATION, PLEASE EXERCISE PATIENCE, THE POSTAL SERVICE CAN BE SLOW.

3) Can I change my address details once the package has shipped?

NO, unfortunately not.  Canada Post and USPS will NOT change shipping details after the package has shipped.  It is NOT possible under any circumstance. (Note: UPS in Canada will do it sometimes but they will charge you a $10-15 fee)

4) I ordered last month and the package showed up in 4 business days, I order again this month and it's been 10 business days and no package?!? Why?

If I could answer that question, I would probably be working for NASA.  Honestly, I have no clue and based on my inquiries and phone calls, neither do the people at Canada Post and USPS.

5) Can I pick-up my order at your warehouse?

No, we do NOT offer a pick-up service at this time.

6) Why haven't I received a SHIPPING CONFIRMATION email?

It's probably one of two reasons... a) you gave us an incorrect email address, or b) the email was caught by your spam filter (this happens a lot with GMAIL).  Tracking emails are automatically sent by the system once the label has been created.

7) It's been a few weeks and my package didn't show up, are you people running a scam business?!?

Yes.  You figured us out:) We spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars setting up, registering, trademarking, loading product images and descriptions and writing these FAQs so we could take your $50 and ride off into the sunset.

The truth is, we have wives, children and more importantly, Italian Mothers and Grandmothers that would beat our asses to a pulp if we got caught stealing your $50.  No amount of money is worth a run-in with Mama's wooden spoon, after she finds out I took your money and didn't give you your stuff!

We are legit... this is a real business... If you don't believe me, just Google "Italian Barber" and read one of the many testimonials.

8) Do you guarantee shipping of liquids? How safe are liquids to ship?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the shipping of liquids. Most of the liquids sold in glass bottles are not designed for international and long distance small packet shipping. If a carrier tosses the parcel around a lot, small leakages are common from time to time. Although a high percentage of liquids arrive safe and sound, without incident, we cannot insure parcels for breakage or loss of liquid. We do our very best to package liquids securely but all liquids are purchased at the risk of the buyer.

9) I live in a Foreign country, why is shipping so expensive?

Well... because we are in Canada and you are probably far away. We don't set the shipping rates; in fact, on 98% of packages we subsidize part of the shipping cost (read: we lose money on the shipping component.)

10) Should I take my local climate into consideration before ordering? (This is very important!)

YES. It's not possible to for us to know the climate where you live because we are shipping orders all over the globe on a daily basis.  Climate conditions are the responsibility of the Buyer.  This means if you live in Arizona and it's summer (your mailbox probably gets up to over 130F), your soap or cream will probably arrive melted.  Also, during the winter months in North America, many US States and Canadian provinces go well below freezing and bottles can freeze/break and creams can arrive frozen, especially if they are sitting in a mailbox for a day or two.  We advice only ordering from Italian Barber when your climate conditions are favorable, we cannot replace an item because of damage due to extreme heat or cold.

11) I received an item and I want to return it, where do I return it?

All product returns must be sent back to our Canadian depot at the buyer's expense.  Please contact us before returning an item and we will explain the return procedure and provide you with the correct return address.

12) I am ordering from the USA, should I be worried about duties or taxes?

The answer is NO! Depending on the location and the size of your order, we either drop-ship the parcel into the US Postal system (USPS pre-cleared) or we ship the order via UPS or Canada Post (pre-cleared). As an American, you qualify for the $800 duty-free allowance so you have nothing to worry about!

13) My order has shipped via Canada Post to the USA, can I track with

ABSOLUTELY...go to and track your parcel as all our parcels will be delivered by USPS when they are shipped with Canada Post.

14) Can I ship an order to a third party location?

If you ship the parcel to a third party location, including a hotel, a family or friend's residence or a freight forwarding service in another country, you accept all the risk for any delivery problems. If the parcel does not successfully arrive, we will not issue a refund until we receive the parcel back from our courier and the refund will be minus and return shipping expenses.  Also, unfortunately, we cannot warrant against missing items when they are shipped to freight forwarders as it is possible for items to go missing in the forwarding process.