• RazoRock Ceramic Lather Bowl

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    • RazoRock Ceramic Lather Bowl-RazoRock-ItalianBarber
    • RazoRock Ceramic Lather Bowl-RazoRock-ItalianBarber
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  • RazoRock Ceramic Lather Bowl

    Available Colors: Blue or Black

    You may be thinking... What makes this RazoRock lather bowl unique and different from other lather bowls? Three things make this lather bowl special. The first is the button on the side, this is where your thumb sits and anchors the bowl to your hand aiding in a secure grip. The second is the low profile walls that allow you to swirl your brush around without the brush handle knocking against the sides of the bowl. And, last but not least is the swirl pattern at the bottom of the bowl, this pattern expedites the lathering process giving you a rich barber-quality lather in no time flat! We have tested the bowl with our famous RazoRock soft shaving soaps and you are going to be impressed!

    What the easiest way to use the RazoRock lather bowl? If you are using shaving cream or soft shaving soft, simply take an almond size dollop (or two) and smear it on the ridges at the bottom of the bowl, then proceed to swirl a damp shaving brush in the bowl creating the lather. If you are using a hard puck of soap, first load the brush by swirling a damp brush on top of the hard shaving soap, once the brush has picked up enough soap (usually 30-45 second of swirling), then swirl the brush in the lather bowl to create the perfect shaving lather.

    RazoRock is always trying to bring you high-quality products at a low price and we knew we would be able to do the same with a high-quality ceramic lather bowl...we hope you enjoy it.  RazoRock Ceramic Lather Bowls are perfect for quickly and easily building a high-quality lather.  A luxury shave with RazoRock products can be achieved without having to break the bank!

    Features Include:

    1. RazoRock Logo Laser etched on the bottom
    2. Inner dimensions - Approximately 10.5 cm (4.1 inches) wide and 3.5 cm (1.4 inches) deep with ridged inner base for quick lather building
    3. Outer dimensions - Approximately 11.5 cm (4.5 inches) wide and 4.5 cm (1.8 inches) tall
    4. Smooth Ceramic glaze is food, microwave and dishwasher safe
    5. Handmade in China

    **Note: These are handmade so there may be small dimples that seem like imperfections in the ceramic, however, this is normal for handmade ceramic products and are not imperfections!***