• Tabac Shaving Soap Refill 125g

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  • The TABAC ORIGINAL shaving soap is a legend in the traditional wet shaving community. Some argue that it's the best shaving soap ever made offering optimal slickness and protection from it's luxurious lather. Still made in Stolberg, Rhineland, Germany, this Tallow based soap is a must try for every traditional wet shaver. The soap is a 125 gram refill puck and comes wrapped in foil, perfect for use in the ORIGINAL TABAC soap bowl or one of the Wooden bowls we sell; it can also be used in a traditional wet shaving mug. I would describe the scent of Tabac as powdery tobacco flower and leather, with a backdrop of cologne-y musk. Definitely a scent that is very masculine and very polarizing, you will probably either love it or hate it. TABAC is designed to be used with a traditional shaving brush, if you are new to the wet shaving world, I would highly recommend trying a RazoRock Plissoft shaving brush, our best sellers. Both the outer box and foil wrapping are fully recyclable.

    Made in Germany by Maurier and Wirtz

    Size: 125 gram puck

    Ingredients: See photos for exact ingredients.