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  • Tabac Shaving Cream

    Introduced in 1959, Tabac Original by Maurer & Wirtz has long been considered by many men to be a staple grooming product.  The old-school brand is a household name in Germany, similar to Old Spice in the USA and Proraso in Italy.  Tabac is well known as a traditional masculine brand that has been used by generations of men and typically passed on from Father to Son; it remains extremely popular today.  Tabac Shaving Cream is one of the most widely regarded creams among traditional wet shavers and you can often see "Shave of the day" photos celebrating "Tabac Tuesdays", a day of the week where many traditional wet shavers dedicate their shaves to the storied brand.

    Made in Germany
    Size: 100 ml
    Scent: Masculine Floral

    Made in Germany by Maurier and Wirtz