• (Red Splash) Proraso Sandalwood Aftershave - Splash

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  • Historically, the Italians haven't done Sandalwood well. Most of the Sandalwood scents coming out of Italian are too perfume-y and were not very popular with North American customers. Proraso has changed the game! Their sandalwood scent is very similar to The Art of Shaving sandalwood fragrance, probably the most popular fragrance sold by them. It's a truer and straight sandalwood closer in scent to sandalwood essential oil from India. This is a fragrance you won't soon tire of and is great for toning your skin after a traditional wet shave. If you haven't tried this splash, I urge you to add it to your wish list because I think you will be impressed. The Art of Shaving doesn't make a Sandalwood aftershave splash so if you use their soap or cream, this would pair wonderfully. One point of note, the scent on this splash is different than that of the Proraso Sandalwood shaving cream, shaving soap and pre shave cream; I believe the addition of shea butter in those products probably makes it smell different, the splash is a truer rendition of the scent.

    Made in Italy

    Volume: 3.4 fl.oz (100 ml)