• Booster Lanolin Hair Cream 450ml

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  • Booster Lanolin Hair Cream 450ml

    One of my favorite things about this product is the scent.  It smells like you just walked out of a Barber Shop!  This cream has a texture similiar to a lotion.  It contains lanolin, mineral oil and other ingredients for a firm hold.  Booster Lanolin Hair cream gives you that look and shine that you want.  Originally made for men, but it's a product that the entire family could use.  Just apply a small dab on the palm of your hand and rub and apply to your wet or dry hair.  It is great for any length of curl. Booster Products are made in Canada, all of the products are created at the highest quality and yet have the best value.  Give it a try, you won't regret it

    Size: 450ml / 16 fl. oz.

    Made in Canada by The Canadian Booster Co.

    Ingredients:  See photos