• RazoRock BLACK HAWK Single Edge Razor - V2

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  • Also available in Electric Blue, Silver and Green.  Click on the color to go to the one you want.

    V2 update: We have updated the Hawk to a version 2 model. The shave geometry has NOT changed, so it will shave the same as our original Hawk, but we have made some noticeable improvements to the look, feel and blade loading of the razor. We hope you enjoy and appreciate them!

    Here are the V2 changes:

    1. The top cap has been rounded for a more organic and natural feel on your face. Shavers coming over to the SE world who previously only have DE experience will find the transition much more intuitive.
    2. We have changed the blade guide posts to pins. The pins allow easier and better loading of the blades, especially the guarded style blades.
    3. We have strengthened the safety bar on the base plate with a new three slot design. This will help prevent the leading edge from being dented if knocked around or if the razor experiences a small drop.
    4. We have updated the handle to our Halo ring design for increased comfort and feel. The handle also now includes a butt end which can be unscrewed to allow for a shorter format. In the future, we may sell different style butt ends, possibly in different materials, to allow for some small customization. Please make sure to drop us an email with your feedback on the new handle.

    The RazoRock Hawk project has been on-going for a very long time. We started with big dreams of wanting to make an affordable Single-Edge (SE) razor but it was easier dreamt than done. These Artist Club style SE blades are different than a double-edge blade and require a razor to be precisely manufactured in order to get the blade lined up perfectly every time; this required the razor to be made using CNC machining versus other less expensive casting processes and finding the right machining partner that could make the razor (at our target cost) took much longer than anticipated. We went through a few partners that originally agreed but later changed their mind after they realized the work involved and the precision required. We finally got it done and we are very happy with the result and the final retail price.

    The RazoRock Hawk is CNC machined from 6061 billet and rod aluminum. It's finished in two variations, satin silver and black anodizing. Aluminum was chosen for two reasons; reason number one, it's much lighter, bringing the overall weight of the razor down. These Artist Club style blades are very sharp and a lighter razor gives the user more control over the aggression of the shave; reason number two, aluminum is much faster and less expensive to machine and also less expensive to finish. We felt that a lot of gents were being priced out of the market with the razors from our competitors and we wanted to offer an affordable alternative.

    *If you have never shaved with an SE razor before, I urge you to start slowly and not to apply excessive pressure with the razor. The SE blades are thicker, sharper and more rigid than a double-edge blade and they require a bit of a learning curve. Use the razor for 12-15 shaves in a row before judging whether you like SE shaving or not. If you want to begin with training wheels, consider starting with the FEATHER Pro Guard Blade.

    **When assembling the razor and threading the handle on the post, please make sure not to apply excessive force because aluminum is softer than steel and can cross-thread and be damaged much easier. Aluminum on aluminum can squeak and be a little rough, you can apply a drop of mineral oil to the threads for smoother operation, if desired. When screwing on the handle with a blade inserted, I strongly urge you to hold the razor head inside a thick towel just in case it slips. BLADES ARE SHARP, so take great care when changing the blade in your razor!

    NOTE: Please do NOT expect perfection with these razors. Although the quality is extremely high, the razor probably will not be absolutely 100% perfect. They are machined and finished to a very high user grade, not a jewel piece, the odd mark or blemish can be expected and there may be very tiny spots of color variations on the anodizing that arise from where the parts are held in the anodizing process.  If you are looking for or expecting jewel quality, this probably isn't the razor for you.

    Weight: ~1.3 oz

    Handle: 90 mm long and 12 mm in diameter (Butt end is larger than 12 mm and will only work in RazoRock disk stand with butt removed)

    Recommended Blades:

    • FEATHER Professional Blade  (aka Artist Club Professional)
    • FEATHER Pro Guard Blade (aka Artist Club Pro Guard)
    • KAI Captain Titan Mild (aka KAI Pinks)
    • KAI Captain Titan Mild Protouch MG Blade (guarded blade)

    FEATHER Professional Super Blades will also work but make the razor very aggressive and I would not recommend them. FEATHER Professional LIGHT blades will not work in the Hawk.

    ***The RazoRock Hawk razors do NOT come with blades, all blades are purchased separately. See the fourth photograph in the listing for the three types of blades I recommend.