• Semogue Owners Club Boar Bristle Shaving Brush, Ash Wood

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  • Semogue Owners Club Boar Bristle Shaving Brush, Ash Wood

    In late 2009, a special edition brush was made by Semogue having the best boar bristles possible stuffed densely into a luxurious wooden handle. Only 100 of these successful brushes were made and quickly sold out.

    This fine brush has the best boar bristles available, carefully selected to provide the ultimate shaving experience. This is arguably the best production boar brush ever made.

    This brush has the same dimensions and the same special boar hair only present in the 2009 Limited Edition brush. The knot has a 24 mm diameter and 57 mm height. The handle is 57 mm tall and has 37 mm in its widest point. The only differences for the Limited Edition brush are the undyed bristles and the wooden handle is made of ash wood instead of cherry wood.

    Height 114 mm

    Loft: 57 mm

    Base: 57 mm

    Knot: 24 mm

    **Dimensions Approximate**

    Made in Portugal

    Note: Natural animal bristle brushes will have a slight odor when new; this odor will disappear after after a dozen or so uses. Also, boar brushes need about 15-20 uses to &#39break-in&#39, you will notice a huge improvement after a month of daily use.