• RazoRock THE HULK Plissoft Synthetic Shaving Brush

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  • THE HULK is an absolutely massive Plissoft brush! Take note the dimensions below. The knot size is 34 mm by 70 mm and the total height of the brush is about 6 inches! Who will love this brush? Head shavers will love it! Body and leg shavers will love it ! Men with massive hands will really love it! It also makes a great display brush and has awesome shelf/counter presence. Don't let the photos fool you, this is a real beast of a shaving brush and it's probably larger than you think.

    In the third photo, you can see The Hulk next to the RazoRock Bruce Plissoft brush, just to give you a better idea on size relative to a standard size brush.

    The RazoRock Hulk uses our famous RazoRock Plissoft fibers that have gained a reputation in the industry for being the best synthetic fibers available. The Plissoft fibers are very soft on your face but still have decent backbone for that perfect gentle exfoliation that all traditional wet shavers desire. The handle is turned from a solid black resin that is sure to last a lifetime.This brush is an absolutely joy to lather with, the weight and quality of the handle is going to blow you away, especially at this price-point!

    Weight: ~9 oz

    Total Height: ~150 mm

    Handle Height: ~78 mm

    Knot Size: ~34 mm x ~70 mm