• RazoRock Deluxe Shaving Brush & Razor Stand - 4 Prong - (For Kits - CSKB)

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  • This product only available at Build A Kit in Select Accessories 1 Brush & Razor Stands

  • Beautiful bathroom presentation stand for your favorite brushes and razors. The four prong design allows you to hold two brushes and two razors (each brush opening is a different size to accomodate a smaller and a larger brush). Very high grade chroming and nice substantial weight of greater than nine ounces. The bottom of the stand is fitted with a foam cushion so it does not scratch your counter top. The stand is designed to hold your brushes at the junction of the knot and the handle, as you can see from the third photograph on the left. Many traditional wet shavers believe that hanging a shaving brush knot-down allows the moisture to run out of the center of the knot, thus prolonging brush life. 


    Height from prongs to counter: 130 mm

    Large brush prong opening: 30 mm

    Small brush prong opening: 27 mm

    Two razor prong openings: 14 mm

    Note: Razors and Brushes in the photo are not included