• Prep Repairing Hand Cream 75 ml

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  • Prep Repairing Hand Cream 75 ml

    Prep Repairing Hand Cream contains 3% Urea which provides ultimate healing properties.  Prep Cream was originally formulated in the 1860's in the USA. Over the last 150 years the formula has been continually improved and refined and today the brand offers a range of products which are specifically beneficial to protect and care for individuals with sensitive skin. The range of products includes a hand cream, a pre and post shave healing cream (also known as Prep Original Cream), a shaving cream that is available in two different consistencies (one for a brush and one that is brush-optional) and last but not least, one of the world best alcohol-free after shave balms.

    In Italy, Prep Original Cream is used by the entire family. The product is formulated with a unique blend of essential oils with natural substances specially chosen for their cooling, calming and conditioning properties. These ingredients not only make shaving more comfortable but also contain an antiseptic that relieve rashes and help stop nicks, cuts and scratches. You will not find many Italian households that don't have a jar or tube of Prep Cream in their washroom medicine cabinets.

    Size: 75 ml tube - Perfect for travel

    Made in Italy