• Pino Silvestre Shower Gel Classic "Forte Di Natura" 250ml

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  • Pino Silvestre Shower Gel "Classic" Doccia Shampoo Classico (Forte Di Natura) - 250ml

    Pino Silvestre is a classic Italian brand that was launched in 1955 by Massimo Vidal of Venice. The brands first two products, their pine and amber scented aftershave splash and Eau de toilette catapulted Pino Silvestre to immense success and their distinctive green pine-come shape bottles still have a cult-like following today. Massimo's idea was to create a scent that was both masculine and fresh, while using the best natural ingredients. The masculine scent of Pino Silvestre possesses a blend of oakmoss, woods and patchouli.

    Today, Pino Silvestre offers a whole line of toiletry products that are loved by men in Italy and the world over. Here we bring you their 'Doccia Shampoo'. This is a dual-use product for men, both a shower gel and shampoo. It's offered in four distinctly Mediterranean scents;

    Forte di Natura – classic and refreshing woody pine scent; like being in the Alpine mountains!

    Soffio di Talco – scent of pure talcum powder; for an extremely fresh and clean experience

    Made in Italy

    Pino Silvestre