• Pasta Del Capitano Toothpaste Verde 75 ml

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  • Pasta Del Capitano Toothpaste Tartar Fighting Formula - New Packaging

    Freshness and daily cleaning.  Extracts of Thyme and Sage and the presence of Pyrophosphates help prevent the formation of bacterial plaque which causes tartar and helps freshen breath. Also ideal for smokers.

    Pasta del Capitano Antitartar toothpaste was originally created for smokers.  It helps remove tobacco tar deposited on the gums, tongue and most importantly on your teeth.  It contains Pyrophosphates that helps reduce the formation and build-up of tartar and peppermint that eliminates tobacco breath for hours.  It does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), triclosan, parabens and formaldehyde donor preservatives.

    Size: 75 ml tube

    Made in Milano, Italy

    Pasta Del Capitano