• Greencult Double Edge Safety Razor - GC 2.0

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  • Greencult Double Edge Safety Razor - GC 2.0

    Greencult GC 2.0 DE safety razor is precision CNC-milled in Austria.
    This wonderful safety razor is the premium successor of the Greencult Allrounder-Razor GC1.1. The GC 2.0 has a shorter handle, new design, different base plates and sand blasted finish. The razor is made of 303 stainless steel in Austria.

    Unlike commercially available razors, most of which come from Asia, Greencults GC 2.0 is milled using the CNC process. Production in high-quality stainless steel offers some advantages such as individual tolerances, a better blade fit and a more robust material.

    Level II plate included - Gap is 0.65 and Exposure is 0.10

    What makes the Greencult GC 2.0 special:

    1. 100% Made in Austria: in our family business in Götzis, Vorarlberg, Austria
    2. Functional design: shorter handle, new design, different base plates and sand blasted finish
    3. Hidden blade ends: A razor head where the razor blade does not protrude from the side – no more unnecessary cutting!
    4. Made from stainless steel: the entire razor is made of 303 stainless steel, which is 100% sourced from Europe (AT,DE, IT, PRT, etc. depending on the supplier). We do not have a chrome-plated surface (chemical environmentally harmful production process due to inferior base material) like many of the other razors on the market.

    The complete razor comes with the level II plate which is 

    There are 4 base plates in total and this razor comes with ONLY the Level II plate and the other plates (Level I, III, IV) can be purchased separately by clicking here.

    Level I: Suitable for beginners, for daily shaving. Gap is 0.45 and Exposure is 0.05
    “With the I plate, it is just as you would imagine a gentle razor to be. 100% safe, 100% non-irritating, yet thorough.”

    Level II: Suitable for beginners and advanced shavers, for daily shaving, slightly more lasting than I. Gap is 0.65 and Exposure is 0.10
    “A simple and straightforward shave. More thorough than with plate I. Slightly less blade feel than the III but little difference in result.”

    Level III: More direct, advanced, for a 3-day-old beard. Gap is 0.85 and Exposure is 0.15
    “The III plate is noticeably milder than IV, but still direct. To match plate IV, it would need a much sharper blade.”

    Level IV: Direct, advanced, for a 3-5 day beard. Gap is 1.05 and Exposure is 0.20
    “The IV plate is thorough, direct, very sustainable, and brilliant for someone with a 5 day beard and experience, but not for beginners.”

    Plastic disc as scratch protection: As a special highlight, we have pressed a plastic disc directly in the handle. This prevents scratches from occurring between the two metal parts at the transition to the headpiece. If you don’t want this, you can simply remove the disc. The M5 thread in theory only needs 2.5-3 turns of the thread to reach the full tensile strength of about 300kg – so there is no restriction in this regard.

    Glass bead blasted finish: This brings out a velvety uniform surface. Our finish cannot be described as “matt” as it has a brilliant sheen. Furthermore, the abrasive compacts the surface and brings a pleasant feel. The grain size of the abrasive is in the 0.001 mm range.

    Made in Austria

    ItalianBarber is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE North American Distributor for ALL Greencult products!