• 10 Feather New Hi-Stainless DE Blade, 1 Pack of 10 (10 Blades) - (For Kits - CSKB)

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  • Feather New Hi-Stainless DE Blade, 1 Packs of 10 (10 Blades)

    I have a theory when it comes to shaving and it goes like this... the key element to an irritation-free shave is to run the blade over your face in the least possible number of passes. When you shave, you are actually exfoliating the skin on your face, in other words, you are removing the surface layer of dead skin cells. This is a good thing but where it becomes a negative is when you actually start removing living skin cells; that's what causes irritation and what leads to uncomfortable redness and burning. The comment I usually get from people when I preach this theory is... “YES! But aren't there products that will help heal razor burn and irritation?” There certainly are, but there is no better cure than avoiding it all together in the first-place.

    This brings me to the Feather Double Edge Razor Blade. The Feather Safety Razor Company of Japan are experts in manufacturing the very best razor blades in the world. What most people don't know is that one of their primary businesses is developing and manufacturing surgical blades which are used worldwide in precision optical surgery and many micro-surgical procedures. Their surgical business demands they employ only the highest-quality, state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing practices and also that they select only the highest quality surgical grade stainless steels. You can rest assured that these same high-quality standards are also employed in the manufacture of their shaving blades.

    Coming back to my first point above, how can you get the best possible shave with the least number of passes (of the blade). The answer is simple, you must shave with the sharpest and most precise blade possible! In my opinion, Feather is the company that produces this blade. This is why the Feather Artist Club straight razors are the instruments of choice (or weapon of choice) for the best Master Barbers, the world over.

    These Feather Double Edge blades are made to fit any standard double edge razor and can deliver anywhere from 5-10 close and comfortable shaves. The blades are individually wrapped in paraffin coated paper and are packed in hermetically sealed dispensers; each dispenser also has a “blade bank” on the underside for safe storage of used blades.

    Made in Japan (by descendants of Master Japanese Sword-smiths)