• RazoRock BC Silvertip Plissoft Synthetic Shaving Brush - (For Kits - CSKB)

  • $15.99   $18.99

  • This product only available at Build A Kit in Select Shaving Brushes

  • The very best RazoRock clients have asked for it, so we delivered! Our softest Plissoft synthetic shaving brush knot, the Silvertip Plissoft mated to a premium black and clear acrylic handle. Absolute shaving luxury at a value price that only RazoRock can provide. When you put this brush in your hand and apply a luxurious lather to your face, trust me, you are going to wonderful how you were able to buy this for under 20 bucks! Makes a wonderful gift for friends and family. LETS MAKE SHAVING GREAT AGAIN!

    Weight: ~96 grams

    Total Height: ~117 mm

    Handle Height: ~60 mm

    Knot Size: ~24 mm x 57 mm