• RazoRock Quick-Change DE Safety Razor - (For Kits - CSKB)

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  • The biggest hurdle for the traditional wet shaving is getting people to drop their 6-blade cartridge razor (wallet destroyers) and getting them to try a Double Edge (DE) razor. Those of us that use a DE razor already know the benefits and for most of us, there is no switching back, but making the switch isn't always easy. DE razor typically cost more money than cartridge razors initially (usually $30-50) and for many, the DE blade looks like a scary object. Well, RazoRock has solved this problem. Our RazoRock Quick-Change DE razor is high quality and breaks the price barrier at under 10 bucks!!! Blade changes are a cinch with this turn-to-open design and best of all...the shave is gentle and easy, insuring that even wet behind the ears,newbie wet shavers will leave the bathroom without tiny pieces of toilet paper on their faces. The RazoRock Quick-Change DE has beautiful mirror-like chroming and feels substantial in your hand at 68 grams. This might be the best MAN-GIFT ever. In case you need some more convincing, DE blades cost between 5 and 10 cents; compare that to cartridge blades... I don't have to tell you what they cost.

    How to Change the Blade:

    1. Turn the knob at the button of the razor handle to the left and the two doors on the head open.

    2. Unwrap a new DE blade and carefully drop it over the center bar.

    3. With the DE blade properly seated in the head, turn the knob at the button of the handle to the right and the two doors on the head will close. Do not over-tighten the the knob.

    TO CLEAN, loosen the doors and rinse under warm water, there is no need to remove the blade.


    Material: Chrome plated alloy
    Overall length: 95 mm
    Handle length: 85 mm
    Weight: 68 grams

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