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  • Pasta Del Capitano Toothpaste Plaque & Cavity Fighting Formula - New Packaging

    The best solution against plaque and tooth decay.  Helps ensure a thorough cleaning of the oral cavity and effective protection against plaque and tooth decay. In addition, the presence of two fluoride salts helps remineralize the tooth enamel.

    Pasta Del Capitano Plaque and Cavity Fighting Formula is a toothpaste with a fresh mint taste that protects your teeth against the formation of plaque, one of the main causes of decay and gum disease.

    Pasta Del Capitano has been selling toothpaste in Italy for over 100 year and is revered by the Italian Community.

    Pasta del Capitano is amongst the most famous brands of oral hygiene products in Italy.It originated in 1905 and is exclusively made in Milan. The Pasta del Capitano products are a guarantee to a brighter smile. Pasta del Capitano Whitening Baking Soda is a toothpaste that definitely gives you a brighter smile and WHITE TEETH.  Baking soda has been well known from the 18th century and when dissolved in water it whitens and cleans teeth by getting rid of the yellow and brown stains that have formed over time. I will be completely honest with you.  I sell lots of lots toothpaste and I have tried them ALL.  This is the BEST TOOTHPASTE in the world (for me), nothing else really compares in terms of effectiveness.  People often ask me why my teeth are so white, and the answer is PASTA DEL CAPITANO!

    Size: 100 ml maxi tube

    Made in Milano, Italy

    Pasta Del Capitano