• RazoRock Superslant Double Edge Razor - L1+

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  • RazoRock Superslant Double Edge Razor - L1+

    The RazoRock Superslant is a razor that has been two years in the making. Ever since our first slant, the RazoRock Stealth, we knew the slant concept was something special. Client feedback overwhelming told us that people loved the shave from our slant razors and it quickly became no secret that a helical slant’s added torque on the long axis of a double-edge blade adds stiffness and rigidity to the cutting edge. Why is this important? When you take a very thin very sharp blade and make it really stiff it cuts with greater efficiency, this translates to less tugging on the hairs and less irritation while shaving. Add this to the fact the blade is held at an angle to the shaving plane giving a slicing action to the shave versus a tradition shaving razor that applies more of a chopping action. The combination of these two attributes lead to a superior shave!

    So, if the helical slant concept works then what is the purpose of a “new helical slant,” namely the RazoRock Superslant? Based on a lot of feedback we received from our first two CNC milled slants, the RazoRock Stealth and the RazoRock Wunderbar, we discovered two areas that needed improving. Many of our clients told us the RazoRock Stealth wasn’t aggressive enough and the RazoRock Wunderbar was too aggressive. This told us we needed a helical slant razor with adjustability. A robust design that could offer many difference blade gaps and exposures to suit different beard and skin types.

    The RazoRock Superslant will have three core levels of aggression, from L1(MILD) to L3(AGGRESSIVE), but within these core levels there are 4 unique base plates to dial in the shave even further. Each and every base plate will be perfectly compatible with one universal top cap meaning you can change the way the Superslant shaves simply by swapping base plates.

    Please keep in mind that within each level, the addition of a PLUS sign increases the aggression.  (Example: Level 1 which would be the mildest group available - L1, L1+, L1++,L1++OC...L1 would be the mildest and L1++OC would be the most aggressive in this grouping)

    The second problem we discovered is that when you torque a double-edge blade into a helix shape you create a minor amount of blade-edge wave that is hard to see with the naked eye. This minor blade-edge wave can cause the razor to “bite” if you apply too much pressure to the skin while shaving. In order to solve this issue, we had to design a very unique razor head that can torque a double-edge blade into a helical shape without any effect on the cutting edge. This required a shape with precision clamping and tolerances that could only be achieved using a very complex and expensive German CNC machine under the watchful eye of a Master Machinist. What we created was the world’s first billet 316L stainless steel helical slant that is 5-axis simultaneous-milled. That’s a mouthful but if you buy a RazoRock Superslant you will be shaving with a safety that we believe is the most sophisticated razor to ever enter the traditional wet shaving world; ultimately, you will be the judge of that.

    Finish: Please note, these razors are tools, not jewels. We use a vibratory tumbling finish process which maintains the highest possible tolerances for the razors. This means the razors will not be mirror finished and will not be mark-free. The razors may have some milling marks or finishing marks. The razors can always be jewelry polished by the client later but our goal is to sell the razor at the best possible tolerances and lowest possible price. The metal-on-metal contact from the handle locking against the base plate will create a ring mark on the base. It's common for handles to have micro dents from the tumbled finish.


    Aggression Level: L1+

    Head Material: 316L Stainless Steel Billet

    Handle Material & Style : 316L Stainless Steel - Super Knurl: 13 mm x 90 mm, ~2.9 oz

    Finish: 3 Stage, 3 Media, vibratory tumble finish

    Detail: Each Superslant head is engraved with "RAZOROCK", "SUPERSLANT", "CANADA" and a unique serial number.


    NOTE: Differences between the different Levels

    The "+" plates have a milled chamfer on the guard that creates extra aggression

    The "++" plates have a milled step on the guard that creates a little more aggression from the "+"

    The OC (OPEN COMB) plates are more aggressive than the "++" versions of each

    As a general guide, the L1 plates will fall into the mild-medium area, the L2 plates into the medium-aggressive and the L3 plates into the aggressive with the L3++ & L3++OC being at the very top of the scale. In the near future we will add the SuperSlant to the razor scale on IB.

    Based on our testing, the L2++ and the L3 would be the closest to the Wunderbar in terms of aggression but the Superslant is much smoother.

    Still not convinced?  Check out this review by Leisureguy who we consider a Slant Guru - Click here to see the post!