• RazoRock Hive 24 Mokasoft HD Synthetic Shaving Brush

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  • RazoRock Hive 24 MOKASOFT HD(High Density) Synthetic Shaving Brush

    RazoRock clients have been asking for a new RazoRock Synthetic brush, so we delivered! Our softest Plissoft style synthetic shaving brush knot, the MOKASOFT synthetic in an HD (High Density) 24mm knot made with brown to cream color fibers.  We have mated  the MOKASOFT knot to an absolutely stunning tribute to the vintage Ever Ready style  beehive shaped acrylic handle. The softness of the MOKASOFT fibers is very similar to our famous Silvertip Plissoft synthetic shaving brush.  Absolute shaving luxury at a value price that only RazoRock can provide. 

    The RazoRock MOKASOFT knot is made with brown to cream color fibers that are very soft on your face but still have decent backbone for that perfect gentle exfoliation that all traditional wet shavers desire.  The knot is the first time we have decided to go with an High Density (HD) knot which has approximately 10% more fiber packed in there to make it even easier to lather.  This brush is an absolutely joy to lather with, the weight and quality of the handle is going to blow you away, especially at this price-point!  When you put this brush in your hand and apply a luxurious lather to your face, you are going to wonder how you were able to buy this for under 20 bucks! Makes a wonderful gift for friends and family.

    Total Height: ~104 mm

    Handle Height: ~52 mm

    Knot Size: ~24 mm x ~52 mm