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  • RazoRock ECO Safety Razor

    You might ask, why the name ECO? This RazoRock razor is both ECOnomical to use and ECOlogically friendly!

    Why does the world need the RazoRock ECO Safety Razor? I will give you four simple reasons and then you can decide if the ECO is for you.

    1) Shaving irritation and ingrown hairs: Most modern four and five-blade cartridge razors are designed to shave below the skin level. This gives you a slightly closer shave but causes many people a lot of irritation issues and those dreaded ingrown hairs, especially on your neck. The RazoRock ECO uses one sharp blade and a guard that protects the skin. The ECO will shave you close, but not under the skin level, avoid skin irritation and ingrown hairs in most men.

    2) An easy transition from cartridge razors: Traditional double-edge safety razors have a blade edge on both sides, so you shave with one edge, then you turn the head around and use the other edge. Don't get me wrong, this is a great design and offers less rinsing but most people currently using a cartridge razor are not familiar with this. The ECO offers an easy transition from your cartridge razor because there is only one blade edge on one side of the razor.

    3) Cost: This one is a no-brainer! Half of a DE blade costs roughly $0.05 versus your four and five-blade cartridge razors which cost $3-5 per cartridge. You will still need to change the blade every 4-5 shaves but your cost per shave drops down from about $1 per shave to $0.01 per shave! You read that right, one cent per shave! After buying the razor, the on-going cost of shaving is as close to ZERO as you can get, a 98% saving over modern four and five-blade cartridges. Instead of spending $3-5 per week on a cartridge, you can now spend $3-5 per year on blades.  

    4) Zero Waste: We are all more conscious about our planet these days and we want simple and easy solutions to help. Every year, billions of cartridge and plastic razors go into our landfills unnecessarily because they can't be recycled. The RazoRock ECO razor is CNC milled from solid billet aluminum and is built to last decades. The half DE blades used in the ECO are easily recycled at your local recycling facility. Simply discard used blades in a razor blade bank and when it's full (in 3-5 years), you can take the blade bank to your local recycling center and have the stainless steel blades recycled.

    **Note: No blades included***

    ***NOTE: Black, Electric Blue, Gold  & Hulk Green have Haloed UFO 85mm Handle - See photos and details below!

    Build: The RazoRock ECO safety razor is CNC milled from solid billet aluminum and anodized for protection and color.

    Weight: ~1.2 oz - 32g, Handle Length: 85 mm 

    Blades: Any half DE blade will fit and the great part about the blades is that if you already use a safety razor and have double edge blades, all you need to do is split those blades in half and use half of a double edge blade...keep in mind that double edge blades are easy to split by just bending them in half until you hear the click (with the wrapper still on) which means it snapped in half...simple! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SNAP A DE BLADE IN HALF WITHOUT THE WRAPPER ON!

    Here is a video on how to snap a DE blade in half if you want to use your regular DE blades...