• RazoRock Amici Synthetic Shaving Brush - with Noir Plissoft Knot

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  • RazoRock Amici Synthetic Shaving Brush - with Noir Plissoft Knot

    In 2013, RazoRock collaborated with Semogue (Portugal) to make a limited edition shaving brush for our best clients. Only 100 brushes were made and each brush was numbered. The knot was pretty special, it was a mixed badger and boar knot that Semogue only made for special edition offerings.

    Fast forward 6 years and RazoRock is a much larger brand with tens of thousands of loyal clients who we love and appreciate. Brush technology has come a long long way and now our best selling brushes are synthetics. The performance and value of our Plissoft synthetic brush simply cannot be beat.

    For the new Amici brush, we have paid homage to the 2013 handle shape and paired it with one of our most beloved knots, the Noir Plissoft. To make things a little fun and different, we have made the Amici a smaller brush with a 20 mm knot, great for a quick shave or for your gym/dopp bag.

    If you are looking for the perfect gift without breaking the bank, the Amici brush combined with our Amici shaving soap and aftershave might be tough to beat!

    For those wondering, Amici is the Italian word for friends.

    20 mm x 50 mm Noir Plissoft Synthetic Knot

    Handle Material: Black & Red Resin