• (Handle Only) RazoRock HALOED UFO Razor Handle - 316L Stainless Steel

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  • Deep halo rings for grip, high polish for beauty, unparalleled RazoRock value! We introduce to you our newest handle, The RazoRock HALOED UFO! As you can probably figure out, we call this handle the UFO because of its saucer-like knob near the end of the handle which gives a great tactical feeling. The handle is FULL CNC milled from marine-grade 316L stainless steel and then highly polished. The RazoRock UFO handle will work with most modern DE safety razors including the offerings from RazoRock, Merkur, Edwin Jagger, iKon, Muhle, and Parker.

    Threading: M5 x .8

    Material: 316L stainless steel (Marine Grade)

    Handle Diameter: 13 mm

    Handle Length: 85 mm

    Weight: ~2.2 oz (62 grams)

    *Note: The handles are milled and finished to a tool grade and may have small machining and finishing marks. If you are expecting a perfect finish this may not be the handle for you.