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    The Best Deodorant On Earth! By RazoRock - Citrus

    Let’s face it, calling a product “The Best on Earth” is a VERY bold claim.  Obviously, we are using the name of the product to get your attention but there is a lot of inherent risk when doing this.  The obvious risk is… the product is crap and nobody takes your brand seriously ever again, but, the bigger risk is, you attract the attention of the people that simply want to prove you wrong and see you fail.  Think Floyd Mayweather and his self-proclaimed TBE (The Best Ever!) campaign.  You get millions of people, the large majority who don’t even care for boxing, watching his fights because they want to see him lose; how dare he call himself The Best Ever!  Not only do they want to see him lose, they want to see him get his ass kicked!  Getting back to this deodorant, Yes, I’m making a super duper bold claim but over the past two years I've tested hundreds of deodorants and this one is (in my opinion) THE BEST.  That being said, there are a lot of good deodorants on the market, even a lot of great ones, but there can only be one Michael Jordan, only one Roger Federer, only one Luciano Pavarotti.  This deodorant is the Michael friggin Jordan of deodorants!

    Now I’m going to be frank with you… no product is absolutely perfect so let me get the imperfections out of the way before I tell you what is so great about his deodorant.  Imperfection #1… you apply this deodorant with your finger; ya, you dip your finger in the jar, get a dime sized amount on your finger and then apply it under your arm.  Not everyone likes to get their hands dirty, or in this case their finger dirty.  Imperfection #2… it’s REALLY all natural and no chemical emulsifiers were used to keep it perfectly mixed at all times.  Sometimes you will have to give it a little stir with the mini popsicle stick we've included or with your tiny utensil of choice.  For the lazy, this might be too much of a pain in the butt.  Imperfection #3… it’s not going to work on everybody because well, we are human! A very small percentage of people might even experience irritation because your body doesn't like one of the ingredients; yes, it happens with every product.

    Now the great!  I’m going to list these as bullet points so they are clear and easy to understand.  Here goes...

    1. Only 3 base ingredients, all of whtch you can pronounce!  Natural Soda, for use in organic production, Non GMO Corn Starch, and organic Vegetable Glycerin.  That’s it!  No aluminum, no fancy man made chemicals, no harsh detergents, no alcohol, no parabens… you get the point.
    2. For the scented versions, only natural essential oils are used
    3. Does not stain your clothes
    4. Once a day application, long lasting!
    5. Low cost of use; each jar will last 4-5 months of daily use
    6. Does NOT stop your body from naturally sweating.  Does NOT clog the pores underneath your arms
    7. Recyclable packaging


        Yes, you have to apply it with your finger tip!

        We recommend you apply the cream right after bathing or showering when your arm pits are clean and fresh.  Take a small pea sized amount and apply it down the center of your armpit, then rub it in gently so it covers the area.

        Don’t use too much, only a small amount is needed.

        It will easily wash out of clothes unless you use way too much; don’t use way too much, it’s not needed.

        Do NOT apply the deodorant immediately after shaving your armpits.  The armpits are sensitive after you shave them, give them time to heal.

        You will notice that the glycerin will want to separate from the Soda and Starch.  Give it a stir as needed.  If you forget to stir and it gets dry, simply add a bit of water and stir, it will be as good as new again!


        If you are coming from the world of commercial antiperspirants and aluminum/chemical based deodorants your body is going to want to clean itself and purge out all the impurities from your armpit pores.  It’s normal to stink more than usual and to see fluid and toxins being released for a short time after you stop using the crappy products.  Give your body a few weeks to purge and adjust before judging the merits of our all natural deodorant.  It’s very normal to experience itchiness, rashes and discoloration during detox.  Hang in there, your body is simply cleansing.


        If you forget to stir your deodorant and it drys out, simply add a bit of water and stir, it will be good-to-go again.

        Try to avoid using the deodorant right after shaving; let your pits heal.

        Everyone is different and it’s always possible for sensitivities to occur.  If you experience irritation or the product doesn't jive with your body, discontinue use.

        Size: 75g / 2.64 oz

        Scent: Citrus (Blend of 7 EOs: Grapefruit, Orange, Geranium, Lime, Cypress, Patchouli and Coriander)

        Made in Canada