• Vitos Menthol Pre & Post Cream 250ml Jar

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  • Many of our clients really crave that menthol cooling sensation, especially when the warmer weather starts to hit. Vitos menthol pre & post cream is a wonderful pre-shave predatory cream that will give any shaving soap or cream that cooling menthol kick. It's formulated to prepare the whiskers for shaving. Simply rub a few dollops of cream into your beard and allow it to rest for 1-2 minutes while you prepare your razor and load your brush with cream or soap; then just lather right on top of the Vitos cream and get prepared for a cooling and delightful experience. The extra whisker softening properties from the cream, along with the face cooling of the menthol (and camphor) makes for a super comfortable shave. It can also be used as a post shave moisturizing cream, for this purpose, a little goes a long way.

    LARGE 250ml size jar.


    *Enriched with stearic acid, glycerin, camphor and menthol for wonderful whisker softening and cooling effect.


    Vitos - Susan Darnell