• Vitos Aftershave Splash - Large 400ml Barber Sized Bottle

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  • Vitos Aftershave Splash - Large 400 ml Barber Bottle

    Vitos "AFTER SHAVING" splash is inspired by the splash lotions that are ever-popular in traditional Italian Barbershops.  The thick glass apothecary-type bottle holds a lot of juice, 400 ml to be exact and the top of the bottle has a one piece glass orifice reducer that will pour the perfect amount every time!  As a nod to tradition, the bottle is topped with a vintage Bakelite cap. Often in Italy you will see a long rubber hose with a pump attached to the bottle on the barber's counter; these bottles are compatible with the Floid atomizers we also sell here at Italian Barber, if you prefer your aftershave to be spray on instead of splashed.  The scent is really clean, powdery sweet with a hint of citrus in the background, it's perfect if you like to layer on a cologne or perfume later because it won't interfere with your fragrance of the day.

    Made in Genoa, Italy

    Scent: Sweet and powdery, hint of citrus.

    Size: 400 ml

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    Vitos - Susan Darnell