• Vi-John Shaving Cream - Classic

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  • Vi-John Shaving Cream - Classic

    VI-JOHN Shaving Cream is enriched with Tea Tree oil, an extremely effective essential oil all the way from Australia. This rich essential oil has powerful germicidal properties that naturally destroy bacteria and heals cuts, burns, razor nicks and razor bumps. Apart from its BACTI-GAURD properties it also works as an excellent anti-oxidant that makes the skin soft and brings a glow to your face after your shave.

    These shaving creams are very hard to find in North America and ItalianBarber has bought them directly from Vi-John in India in an effort to bring them to the North American market at a very attractive price point.

    Scent: Classic

    Size: 125g tube

    Made in India

    Note: Expiry Date 05-2021

    Vi John