• Valobra Vitamin A & Carotene Soap 100g

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  • Valobra Vitamin A & Carotene Soap

    Almost a century ago, Virgilio Valobra established his soap manufacturing laboratory in Genoa, Italy. It was his priority to adhere strictly to the formulas and methods of the master soap manufacturers of the 18th century; the masters soap makers that had made the Riviera between Portofino and Marseille an area renewed for the finest quality soaps in the world.

    What separates Valobra soaps from other manufacturers is their fine processing. To preserve the precious ingredients in Valobra soaps, they have always used the ancient and expensive “boiling for strength method. Seasoning is also a very important step in the process. For at least six months, the soaps are aged and transform into a highly refined product that very gently cleanses the skin and improves it's feel.

    Enriched with the wheat-germ oil and vitamin A, this soap is recommended for the sensitive skin. It is ideal for removing make-up. After exposure to the sun it is indicated to gently cleanse the skin.

    Made in Genova, Italy by Virgilio Valobra

    Size: 100g