• The Goodfellas" smile Sanitizing & Moisturizing Bar Soap - Thyme & Tea Tree

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  • The Goodfellas" smile Sanitizing & Moisturizing Bar Soap - Thyme & Tea Tree 

    In this time of uncertainty, fears and worries, The Goodfellas' smile asked themselves what they could do to make a contribution to the difficult time we are all facing.

    Using our decades of experience, they have created a moisturizing and sanitizing hand soap, with an innovative and quality formula, rich in essential oils such as WHITE THYME, TEA TREE OIL and with the addition of a small percentage of phenoxyethanol which has the purpose of binding impurities together and then eliminating them with the mechanical action of the rinse, making this hand soap effective against bacteria, yeasts, fungi and mold.

    The Goodfellas' smile sanitizing hand soap is a totally vegetable based soap obtained from the saponification of precious palm and palm kernel oils.  It develops an abundant, ready, voluminous and soft foam and performs an effective sanitizing action thanks to its peculiar properties.

    It is part of the surfactant family and for this reason it has a strong affinity for all types of dirt including bacteria and viruses, incorporating and eliminating them in the rinsing phase.  The pure essential oils of Thyme and Tea Tree, known for their strong antibacterial properties and for their sanitizing action, give the soap a typical intense and delicate fragrance.

    This wonderful bar soap contains a good amount of Glycerin which hydrates the skin and has a soothing action if there is a need for repeated washing.

    SANITIZING AND MOISTURIZING HAND SOAP WITH THYME AND TEA TREE OIL, if used constantly, represents a good guarantee of hygiene, if you get into the habit of washing your hands frequently and "represents an effective means of preventing infections" according to many experts.

    Size: 100g

    100% Artisan Made in Italy

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    The Goodfellas' smile