• The Goodfellas' smile Pure Boar Bristle Shaving Brush - The Hog

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  • The Goodfellas' smile Pure Boar Bristle Shaving Brush - The Hog

    The Goodfellas' smile partnered with Omega Brush to give new life to a series of great Made in Italy classics. Brushes capable of whipping any shaving soap in seconds.
    THE HOG is a Small, practical brush, perfect for travel and with a high quality bristle, this small brush is a champion of practicality. Especially on the go when a real battle brush can make a difference. The Hog is not a big brush but it's a great brush.  It is very similar to the Omega 10019.

    The question that often arises is why buy a cheap pure bristle brush when there are badger brushes that are much more valuable? The answer is simple! we are old-fashioned and we think that the bristle brush (if of high quality) is the best brush that can be used, resistant, economical, eternal but above all structurally, the bristle improves with use becoming docile and gentle on the face while maintaining its incredible strength and lathering speed, even on the most difficult soap, which is impossible for badger brushes, given their inherent softness.

    The Hog is the irreplaceable partner for daily shaving.



    Total Height: 105 mm
    Knot: 22 mm
    Handle: 57mm
    Bristle: 50mm
    Weight: 45 grams

    The Goodfellas' smile