• The Goodfellas' smile Japanese-style Shibumi Shavette Razor With Interchangeable Blades

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  • The Goodfellas' smile Japanese-style Shibumi Shavette Freehand Straight Razor With Interchangeable Blades

    The new “Shibumi” freehand razor with interchangeable blades is an innovative product in many respects.  It uses normal half razor blades (such as Astra, Derby, Personna and any standard half DE blade or full DE blade that is split in half) and has been designed in detail to ensure maximum shaving comfort.  Forged in a single curved piece, Shibumi represents the ultimate expression of simplicity, rigor, balance and manageability.  It is made of steel coated with rustproof "black" industrial Teflon.

    The material with which the handle is covered (manually wrapped by expert craftsmen), allows a firm grip throughout the shaving while the absence of the resealable handle is the total synthesis of shaving.

    Weight: 44gr
    Length: 17cm

    It is advisable to shave after applying a hot towel on the skin for a few minutes, thus softening the beard which will be less prone to annoying "cuts" and irritation. When finished shaving, repeat the process described above.

    BLADE INSERTION GUIDE into the freehand snap-on razor

    How to insert a new blade into the razor:

    1) Break the blade: remove a blade from the package of double blades and, without removing it from the casing, fold it in half from the long side. The pressure will break it into 2 equal parts.

    2) Insert the blade into the razor freehand: remove the removable coupling from the razor head by pushing outwards. Place the half blade on the special coupling pins that act as a guide. Gently reinsert the coupling into the razor head.

    The Goodfellas' smile