• Tabac Original Deodorant Stick

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  • TABAC ORIGINAL deodorant stick provides a long-lasting sensation of well-groomed freshness, as well as a reliable 24-hour protection again body odour. It is dermatologically tested. The scent is similar to that of the TABAC ORIGINAL shaving soap but it's less intense and has a clean alcohol component, which I prefer. The scent is powdery tobacco flower and leather, with a backdrop of musk. The packaging and size are great for travel use, it comes in a durable plastic twist-up container and because of it's 75 ml size you may bring it inside your carry-on luggage on board a commercial aircraft. The packaging is fully recyclable and the deodorant is good for 36 months after opening. TABAC ORIGINAL is one of the most popular mens deodorants we sell at Italian Barber, if you are a fan of TABAC ORIGINAL shaving soap, it's definitely worth a try.

    Size: 75 ml - 2.2 oz

    Made in Germany by Maurier and Wirtz