• St John's West Indian Lime Aftershave Splash - 4 oz

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  • St John's West Indian Lime Aftershave Splash

    Along time ago (about 12 years), before I was an avid traditional wet shaver or involved in the wet shaving business, I visited the US Virgin Islands on a summer holiday. Three things I remember from my visit were, a breathtaking bay of turquoise water filled with amazing catamarans, really nice boutiques selling Swiss watches at great prices, and the smell of St. John's Bay Rum! 

    We were offered the opportunity to stock St. John's aftershaves and we jumped at it!

    A refreshing and bracing after shave combining the sparkling citrus note of pure lime with an accent of vetiver and fresh herbs, and a touch of bergamot.

    St. Johns West Indian Lime formula has remained unchanged since 1946, and is still produced in small hand crafted batches in our St. John's Apothecary, in the Virgin Islands.

    An invigorating, fresh way to start your day. A classic yet modern after shave.

    Size: 4oz Glass Bottle



    St John's Bay Rum