• St John's Bay Rum Aftershave Spray - 4 oz

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  • St John's Bay Rum Aftershave Spray

    Along time ago (about 12 years), before I was an avid traditional wet shaver or involved in the wet shaving business, I visited the US Virgin Islands on a summer holiday. Three things I remember from my visit were, a breathtaking bay of turquoise water filled with amazing catamarans, really nice boutiques selling Swiss watches at great prices, and the smell of St. John's Bay Rum! 

    We were offered the opportunity to stock St. John's aftershaves and we jumped at it!

    "The Virgin Islands has for years been known throughout the world for the superior quality of its BAY RUM. The word "ST. JOHNS" on BAY RUM is like "Sterling" on Silverware. It stands for the best in the world. This superiority is due to a special quality of leaves of the Bay Trees (Pimenta Acris), which grow on the island of St. John, and in no other part of the world". - Encyclopedia Britannica.

    St. Johns Bay Rum's renowned formula combines the finest Bay oil from the West Indian Bay tree with natural essences of eucalyptus, cinnamon, cloves and other Caribbean spices.  A spicy, warm, rich scent unlike any other. Distinctively masculine, classic, yet timeless.

    St. Johns Bay Rum has been manufactured on Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, in the same hand crafted manner and small batches since 1946.  Each bottle is still hand woven with palm growing in Hull Bay on the islands North side.

    Size: 4oz Glass Bottle With Spray Atomiser



    St John's Bay Rum