• Semogue Special Edition Owners Club 2012

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    Semogue Special Edition Owners Club 2012

    The new Semogue Special Edition Owners Club 2012 shaving brushes has arrived.

    This brush has a 24 mm knot and 52 mm loft and is made of a blend of finest badger hair (new type) and 90% tops boar hair, similar to the the famous Caravela brush.

    The handle of these brushes is also something unique. It was designed after the popular SOC handle. The material is the same as the one used in the Limited Edition 2011. It's a very strong, marble-like black acrylic fiber with some faint veins that give a classy, vintage look. As always, the base of the handle will have the Semogue Limited Edition signature, the Semogue logo and the year of production which is 2012.

    Height 110 mm

    Loft: 52 mm

    Base: 55 mm

    Knot: 24 mm

    Knot - Badger/Boar mixture (the same used in our famous "Semogue Caravela")


    **Dimensions Approximate**


    Made in Portugal