• Semogue Galahad-C3 Premium Boar IB Shaving Brush

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  • Semogue Galahad-C3 Premium Boar Shaving Brush

    Semogue is a family operated business with a tradition of brush-making passed on from father to son for generations. The brush master is at the head of the business and ensures that the highest standards are upheld in the brush-making process. 

    Hair Grade: Premium IB (IT) Boar
    Handle Material: Imperial Red Resin
    Knot: 22mm
    Loft: 55mm
    Overall height: 106mm

    Made in Portugal

    Note: Natural animal bristle brushes will have a slight odor when new; this odor will disappear after after a dozen or so uses. Also, boar brushes need about 15-20 uses to 'break-in', you will notice a huge improvement after a month of daily use.