• RazoRock Super Knurl DE Safety Razor with Stainless Steel Handle

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  • *Now comes with the upgraded Mission razor head!

    RazoRock Super Knurl DE Safety Razor with Stainless Steel Handle

    The modern day double edge safety razor movement, in my opinion, began because many gents got tired of getting taken advantage of by the Gillette's and Schick's of the world.  Four bucks for a replacement cartridge blade... Really Gillette? Are we that stupid?  The best part is, a DE razor not only saves you money but also saves your skin!  Anyone that has learned the art of shaving with a DE razor will tell that it's a more comfortable experience that greatly reduces skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

    So what's the deal with these new RazoRock DE razors with solid stainless steel handles?  Inexpensive shouldn't mean cheap!  We looked at the competition in the $30-50 DE safety razor market; most come with either hollow or zinc alloy handles that feel cheap; most have very shallow knurling (or no knurling at all) and don't inspire confidence when you are dealing with wet and soapy fingers.  So, we decided the market needed a great $20 DE razor that feels like a real shaving tool! A razor that has a solid, machine turned, stainless steel handle that is hand polished.  These make a great gift for friends and family, they include 5 DE blades and come packaged in a very nice gift box.

     Handle: 90mm length x 12mm diameter