• Razorock Stealth Slant Razor With Stand - 304 Stainless Steel Stand

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  • *NOTE: The RazoRock Stealth Slant razors have been permanently discontinued and replaced with the new and improved RazoRock Wunderbar Slant. Please do NOT sign up for email notifications on the Stealth, thanks!


    Razorock Stealth Slant Razor With Stand

    The razor includes a lathe turned 304 Stainless Steel Stand.  The stand is different from the one in the picture.  This the stand you will receive...


    This is version 4 of our Stealth Slant razor.  In this version, mass has been taken away from the base plate, it's now thinner.

    What you must consider before purchasing this razor:

    1. This razor is sold as a prototype.
    2. There is no warranty or guarantee with this razor.  It's a test project and you are buying the razor at your own risk.
    3. The finish on the razors might not be perfect.  Razors could have small marks or blemishes.
    4. There is no guarantee the razor will shave well or perform to a high level

    IF YOU DECIDE TO BUY ONE OF THESE, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK! We are making no guarantees at this point.  If you have any second thoughts about this, you should avoid buying one of these.


    Complete Length : ~98mm

    Handle Length: ~91mm

    Handle Diameter: ~12mm

    Handle Butt end Diameter: ~14mm

    Weight: ~40 grams

    Material: 6061 aluminum

    Finish: Black Anodized finish

    Build: CNC machined head (billet), lathe turned handle (rod)


    The inspiration behind this razor was a very old German bakelite slant that was produced over half a century ago.  In 2012, Michael and I got lucky and found a huge treasure trove of new-old-stock, vintage German bakelite slant razors in Italy.  These razors were discovered in an old garage and apparently were untouched for decades.  About 800 of these vintage razors came and went, in record time and we’ve received hundreds of requests for more, ever since.

    Dozens of clients wrote to us, very passionately, about the shaving qualities if this razor; but, it also had some flaws.  The bakelite material was very brittle and prone to cracking; the head design wasn’t very precise and there was a lot of blade flare, too aggressive for many; and the handle was too short for shavers with medium to large hands.

    The RAZOROCK slant has been our pet project since we sold our last German bakelite slant.  We wanted to build a razor without compromise.  A razor that was milled to very close tolerances; a razor that was build from material that could hold up to some abuse; a head that was entirely CNC machined from a billet (including the threaded center post!); and a finish that was ‘stealth like.’  I believe we have achieved this.

    If you own the vintage German bakelite, this is NOT a replica!  Let me repeat that, THIS IS NOT A REPLICA!  We have made a lot of noticeable design changes, from the geometry of the head to a complete re-design of the handle.  Although the razor is still quite light, compared to most DE razors on the market, it is more than double the weight of the vintage German bakelite.  A lot thought and time went into every aspect of the design and everything you see on the finished product was intentional.  The most noticeable change is how the blade appears when seated and locked down.  The blade does NOT sit parallel to the edge of the top cap (by design!), you can see this clearly illustrated in picture #4.  This key design element allows the razors to be both efficient and smooth, by eliminating unnecessary blade flare.

    When deciding what material to use for this razor, I had reservations about 6061 for one specific reason.  6061 is softer than stainless steel and I was worried that a machined and threaded aluminum center post would not hold up to the screwing and unscrewing of the handle.  That said, there was only two options for materials (based on the weight range we were targeting), the other being titanium, but that would of costed ten times the price.  The only way to test this was to actually put the material into a ‘real world’ test.  I have screwed and unscrewed two prototype razors over 2,000 times each, with my own hands, and I can tell you that there is no noticeable degradation of the threads; that would equal about 40 years of weekly blade changing.  That said, aluminum is softer than stainless steel and it is definitely easier to cross-thread if you are careless.

      Made in Canada