• RazoRock SLOC 2.0 Full Milled DE Safety Razor

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  • RazoRock SLOC 2.0 Full Milled DE Safety Razor

    The OG SLOC has been one of the best selling safety razors that RazoRock has ever sold. The combination of efficiency and smoothness has made it a winner in many shave dens around the world. SLOC is an acronym for SELF LUBRICATING OPEN COMB because the top cap has teeth that aid in trapping and re-distributing lather back onto the face for a slicker and more protective shaving experience, helping you to reduce any unwanted nicks or abrasions.

    Many, if not most of our RazoRock family knows how passionate we are about milled razors, so it was only natural that once the SLOC became so popular we focused our effort on making a full milled version. RazoRock is distinguished not only for its effort in producing quality full milled razors but more importantly, bringing these razors to market at a fair price! The SLOC 2.0 Full Milled Safety Razor has taken a little more time because of the extensive milling and finishing involved in a head design with so many teeth and slots. Also, we designed a new handle, called the RazoRock Haloed UFO, that we feel compliments the looks and feel of the SLOC 2.0 perfectly. We are proud to finally bring you this razor and we hope it brings you much joy in your daily shaves.

    Head: Full Milled 6066 Aluminum Billet, Glass blasted and Silver Anodized

    Handle: Full Milled 316L (Marine Grade) Stainless Steel Rod, Machine Polished

    Handle Diameter: 13 mm

    Handle Length: 85 mm

    Weight: 2.7 oz (76 grams)