• RazoRock Polished Stainless Steel HALO Handle - DLC coated

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  • RazoRock polished 316L stainless steel HALO handle with DLC coating. Wonderful grip and weight!  These handles will fit perfectly in the RazoRock aluminum and stainless steel disk stands, you can find those using this link... https://www.italianbarber.com/search?q=disk+stand

    The handle is drilled with the M5 x .8 spec so it will fit most modern razors including RazoRock, Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, iKon, Wolfman.

    PLEASE NOTE: DLC coatings tend to bring out any small blemishes; so the handles may not be perfect and have been priced accordingly.

    Material: 316L Stainless Steel

    Weight: ~2.3 oz

    Length: 90 mm

    Diameter: 12 mm

    Finish: Polished & DLC coated

    Thread: M5 x .8