• RazoRock MJ-90 Double Edge Safety Razor - CNC Milled

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  • At RazoRock, our goal is to make things better and less expensive. Success = Value to our clients.

    What is the MJ-90? We took the ever popular DE89 razor head, studied it, analyzed all it's positive and negative qualities and made it WAY better!

    What did we do and why is it better?

    1) Materials: Instead of low quality zinc-alloy (zamak/pot metal), we used aircraft aluminum block for the head and titanium rod for the handle.

    2) Build: Instead of cheap, non-precise stamping/casting, we have built the razor using precision CNC milling, both for the head and handle. How precise? Two to three thousands of an inch!

    3) Design: Instead of having the blade tabs exposed, we have milled the tolerances of the guide posts to precisely hold the blade without play, meaning the blade tabs can be covered, protecting your precious ear lobes :) As a bonus, the blade loads perfect, every time!

    4) Efficiency: The geometry of the base plate was examined and modified to make the shave still gentle but WAY more efficient.

    5) Longevity: The DE89 is well known for its threaded post snapping off. Why? Because it uses a cheap pot metal and because it's post is spot welded on. Drop it from 12-18 inches and the post breaks off into the handle rendering your $40-45 razor useless and ready for the landfill. We completely milled the top cap from a block of aircraft aluminum, meaning the top cap is one solid piece, no broken posts here!

    6) Handle: Instead of using a hollow cheap handle, we have milled our handle from solid titanium rod and hand polished it to a mirror finish. We have also milled in our RazoRock Halo rings for extreme grip and comfort!

    7) Price: Even though we made all the necessary improvements above, we have kept the price the same, under forty bucks! 

    *NOTE: When assembling the razor, take care not to thread the handle on the head aggressively, remember the titanium is a lot strong than aluminum.