• RazoRock Finest Badger Shaving Brush - 24mm knot

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  • RazoRock Finest Badger Shaving Brush - 24 mm knot

    Featuring a solid resin handle, The RazoRock finest badger shaving brush offers both incredible performance and the best value in the business.

    The barber handle is fitted with a densely packed 24 mm finest badger knot.  These finest badger knots offer more backbone and are ideal for people that enjoy face lathering.  The soft white tips provide for a luxurious feel.

    For a limited time, this brush is on sale for $10 off regular price.

    Weight: ~3.4 oz

    Total Height: ~120 mm

    Handle Height: ~63 mm

    Knot Size: ~24 mm x 57 mm