• RazoRock Black Mamba DE Safety Razor with UberGlide™ Coating - OSS Handle Version

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  • RazoRock Black Mamba DE Safety Razor with UberGlide™ Coating - OSS Handle Version

    These razors are a hobby project of mine to explore creating "the safety razor of my dreams." You are welcome to purchase one (when they are available), at your own risk.  I make no promises and offer absolutely no guarantees.  Happy Shaving!

    Limited 1 per customer!

    Build: CNC machined

    Head Material: 304 Stainless Steel

    Handle Material: 316L Stainless Steel  (The OSS handle is made by iKon and coated with RazoRock's UberGlide™ proprietary coating)

    Weight: coming soon

    Coating: UberGlide™ proprietary coating by RazoRock

    Handle Length: 95mm

    Handle Diameter: 12.5mm

    If you require a stand, the ikon black anodized stand accommodates this handle.

    Everything is made and coated in Canada except the handle which is made by iKon USA.

    Benefits of RazoRock's UberGlide™ Coating:

    Low Friction:  The UberGlide™ coating greatly reduces the friction and increases the lubricity while shaving allowing the razor to glide across your skin with ease.

    Corrosion and Stain Protection:  All metals over time will oxidize and stain, even high grade stainless steel.  The UberGlide™ coating protects the stainless steel from corrosion, oxidation and tea staining, which is common when stainless steel is exposed to tap water, soap and different grades of steel blades.

    Hardness:  The RazoRock UberGlide™ coating is a proprietary diamond crystal coating that is extremely hard (like a diamond!).  This gives the razor increased scratch protection under normal use conditions, this also makes the razor easy to clean without worrying about scratches and damage.

    Biocompatibility:  Raw stainless can cause a skin reaction for certain individuals because of the nickel content, this is why a lot of surgical tools have proprietary coatings on them.  The RazoRock UberGlide™ eliminates any biocompatibility issues; it has even been tested on titanium dental implants in Germany.