• Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Aftershave - Meta Nectar

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  • Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Aftershave - Meta Nectar

    Meta - Nectar is back! Ready for "Arabian Nights in a Bottle"?!?!

     Attar is an ancient blend of flowers, herbs and spices going back over 5000 years! Our Meta-Nectar blend adds an even more meditative parallel to what wet shaving already is to us all. A magically, complex blend of Orange Blossom, Honey, and Vanilla. 

    Orange blossom is diluted from the neroli essential oil, which comes from the bitter orange tree. It has a strong sweet floral/citrusy scent , its properties are also extremely beneficial to the skin. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and anti-oxidants, it balances the oiliness of the skin in a mild way, it’s also hydrating, firming, reduces redness and puffiness, helps circulation, active in reducing razor bumps and improve acne scars...the benefits are endless and did I mention it smells magical?

    Also, as with all PAA's unique Aftershaves & Colognes you will find nothing but the best ingredients inside: Alum (tones, refreshes skin and antimicrobial), Aloe Vera (healing, moisturizer,anti fungal & antibacterial) and my favorite humectant, Glycerin (moisturizer and smoother).

    Meta - Nectar Aftershave gives you the protection of a modern aftershave with the all-day staying power of a cologne...not your average splash!

    3.5 oz - Glass Flask Bottle w/ easy pour top

    Ingredients: Alcohol, Orange Blossom Water, Essential Oils, Glycerin, Aloe, Alum

    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements