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  • Description by Douglas Smythe:

    Enigma Machine is here by popular demand and just in time for summer! Fragaria (Wild Strawberry) & Oudwood!

    This was the Original Scent chosen for The Big Shave West 2 and a tribute to the Original Sex Wax, Strawberry. I was originally going for good old fashioned sun and summer fun...but things took a rather sophisticated turn.

    I had to take it further and add some serious oud and agarwood essential oil attar. The end result is curious to say the least; an "Angel in white and the daughter of the devil himself" to paraphrase Don Henley. Cute and dirty, innocent yet mysterious...an Enigma Machine.

    As with all PAA's unique Aftershave/Colognes you will find nothing but the best ingredients inside every bottle of Coconut Bay: Chamomile Hydrosol, Alum, Aloe Vera, Glycerin and Carrot Extract. Then there is the sex panther of them all, Hedione!


    Although it has long been debated whether humans can actually communicate via pheromones - the chemical signals secreted by animals to help find a mate - Researchers have found that scent of Hedione generates ‘sex-specific activation patterns’ in the nasal tissue which links to the brain. It is the first time that a scent has been known to activate the pheromone receptor VN1R in humans.

    “These results constitute compelling evidence that a pheromone effect different from normal olfactory perception indeed exists in humans,” says scent researcher Prof Hanns Hatt fro, Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany.

    Hedione (chemical name methyl dihydro-jasmonate) – derived from the Greek word “hedone”, for fun, pleasure, lust – has a pleasant fresh jasmine-magnolia scent and is used in many perfumes.

    It is synthesised from the organic compound methyl jasmonate which was discovered in 1957 and which is important in plants for seed germination, root growth, flowering, fruit ripening, and senescence.

    *As With Any Bay Rum Scent, this may be irritating to sensitive skin or those sensitive to spice oils.  ALSO, Contains ZERO Clove Oil.

    3.5 oz - Glass Flask Style Bottle w/ easy pour top

    Ingredients: Ingredients: Alcohol, Lavender Hydrosol, Essential & Natural Fragrance Oils, Glycerin, Hedione,  Aloe Vera Extract, Carrot Extract, Alum

    Made in USA

    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements