• Pasta Del Capitano Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste

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  • Pasta Del Capitano Sensitive Teeth (Denti Sensibili) Toothpaste

    Immediate relief for sensitive teeth.  Protects against dental demineralization, the main cause of sensitivity, thanks to the active ingredient Kalident®, while Potassium Nitrate gives quick and effective relief.

    Pasta Del Capitano has been selling toothpaste in Italy for over 100 year and is revered by the Italian Community.

    Super difficult to obtain in USA and Canada!

    Toothpaste WITHOUT sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), tricolosan, parabens and formaldehyde donor preservatives.  Most, if not all of the toothpaste you will find in North American contains these undesirable ingredients and preservatives.  A clean and natural toothpaste like PASTA DEL CAPITANO is near impossible to buy in USA and Canada.

    Size: 75 ml tube

    Made in Italy.

    Pasta Del Capitano