• Pasta Del Capitano Medium Toothbrush

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  • Pasta Del Capitano Medium Family Toothbrush - 4 COLORS AVAILABLE

    This toothbrush is ideal for the whole family, it helps remove plaque without affecting the enamel thanks to the rounded scratchproof bristles. The ergonomic handle, compact and flexible head make it easily manageable and allows you to easily reach even the most difficult corners of the mouth. The blister pack contains a head cover to ensure optimal hygiene.

    Handle Color: 4 colors to choose, use dropdown box to choose your color - PINK, GREEN, ORANGE & BLUE

    *You are buying 1 toothbrush, the 4 different colors in the photo are to display the different colored handles.

    Please note: In the event that this colour is not available, we may substitute with a different colour

    Pasta Del Capitano