• PantaRei Shaving Soap with Sicilian Manna Extract

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  • This special cream shaving soap was made for PantaRei of Palermo, Italy. PantaRei specializes in making artisan made ceramic shaving brushes which are hand painted by Sicilian artisans, each brush handle is authentic and unique. The soap contains Manna extract from the Ash trees of Sicily. Manna is a sap elixir that is used in skin care and cosmetics because it leaves the skin feeling softer and more supple. PantaRei shaving soap is made by Master Soap Maker Paola Barile from TFS in Torino, Italy. 

    Size: 150 ml


    Scent: Orchid Blossom and Cashmere Wood


    Tcheon Fung Sing TFS